How to play/ Terms/ Disclaimer

Posted By: clammiee | Oct. 12, 2018, 9:39 a.m.

How to play:


By entering any pay-to-play tournament or wagers I agree that I am not playing from: Quebec, Maryland, Arizona, and Connecticut. This is because any sort of gambling is not allowed in those places. I also agree that I am over the age of 13 or have parental consent to play. If I apply to get verified that I am female, I agree that I am of the appropriate gender and will send a photo ID with relevant information through Support. I agree to wait and invite for any caster/ production team member if it is decided that my match will be casted. I will not cheat in any game I choose to play on the website. When competing on Binge Play I will be respectful of everyone involved, and will not be racist, homophobe or sexist in any of my communications. Violating any of the terms above will get you IP banned on our website, so be careful.

Any questions can be processed through Support.

Am I allowed to compete?

Look at the terms above, this will clarify what you agree upon when playing on Binge Play and will also restrict certain states/ provinces where any sort of “gambling” is not allowed. By playing on Binge Play you agree that you are not playing from any of those places. Upon discovery that you do, will cause you to be banned from registering on the website.

Entering a tournament:

Before you enter the tournament of your choice you must click on “create an account” and then go to the tournaments section and “create a team”. You can then invite your teammates by their name on Binge Play and enter a tournament.
Accepting team invites: Click on your name on the top right, then on your profile click on “view team invites”.
Buying credits: Click on “store” on the header, select the amount you want to buy, fill out the PayPal or credit card information that pops up.

Pay for teammates:

If you wish to give teammates some credits, click on your name on the top right, then on your profile click on “transfer credits”. Input the amount you want to give and who you want to give them to, make sure to click the confirm check box and then do the transfer.


For any problems that you may have during your match please click on “support” on the header then “create a ticket” on the left. Put the appropriate category, write your team name, and what exactly happened. As proof please link us a picture or video, we suggest using

Cashing out:

Click on your name on the top right, then on your profile click on “create cash out request”. Select a category and in the text box enter: the amount to cash out, the tournament you won with your placing and your PayPal email to send the money to. Would be easier for staff, if only 1 person per team collected everyone’s PayPal emails and send it to us in one support ticket.

Verifying that you are female:

Click on your name on the top right, then on your profile click on “verify profile”. Select a category and in the text box enter: your name, psn/gamertag/steam, the current date and attach a photo personal identification (must have your date of birth on it). We suggest linking us your photo ID using


Binge Play reserves the right to discontinue any tournament/ ladder/ wager/ league for any reason without notice. Additionally, Binge Play disclaims that the competitions will always be error free and available. It is in our right to remove any team or player that does not have an appropriate name, if anyone breaks the rules or is suspected of not being of the appropriate gender.